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The RAMI On-line Model Checker (ROMC) allows you to evaluate the performance of your canopy reflectance model against a set of reference data obtained from 3-D radiation transfer models that, in turn, were identified during the 3rd phase of the RAdiation transfer Model Intercomparison (RAMI) exercise.

By registering yourself on EU Login website you will be able to either debug your model by uploading simulation results pertaining to test cases that have already featured in previous RAMI phases (and for which the results are thus available on-line) or, else validate your model by running it against test cases that are slightly different from the published homogeneous and floating-spheres RAMI experiments (and for which you won't be able to know the results a priori).

Once you have logged yourself in, selected a set of test cases, and uploaded your simulation results to the ROMC - you will be presented with a series of graphical displays that document the differences between your model and the ROMC reference. All ROMC results are down-loadable (either as black/white or colour postscript files via email, or as jpeg images directly from the browser). You will also be able to intercompare different versions of your model against each other.

It is recommended to use only those ROMC results that were obtained in validate mode when quantifying the performance of a model in the refereed scientific literature. Reference to the ROMC must be provided using the template given in the corresponding FAQ's. Please note that, although we do the utmost to ensure both the quality of the reference data, and the correct working of the software that automatically generates the ROMC results graphs, it nevertheless remains the sole responsibility of the author of any publication featuring ROMC results to familiarize him/herself with the ROMC data usage policy (see disclaimer) and to verify the reliability of the generated results with the ROMC coordinators prior to any publication.